Kibo 160R (160cc)

Kibo 160R (160cc)


Bike Specs 

Engine size: 250cc

Max speed: 120 kph

Fuel usage: 40 km per litre

Tank Size: 10.8 L capacity 

Transition: 5 gears

+ Helmet, Insurance


What is the 2nd Generation Kibo 160R like?
The 2nd generation Kibo K160R is packed with upgraded features for better performance. It is equipped with a bigger instrument panel and wider side mirrors for easier visibility as well as ergonomic handlebar switches, and an upgraded clutch switch to prevent unwanted starting. The K160R is agile, comfortable, stylish and built to conquer any terrain. Kibo K160R is built to keep you going.
Minimum Rental
Our minimum rental duration is 2 days.
Traveling outside of Kenya
We support those wishing to travel Africa-wide, but at the moment we are requesting all travel be with-in the Kenya borders, until we as a company figure out safe passage and logistics planning for travel that requires border-crossing.
If you are the real adventure type, and can not stay put in one country during your travels, there is a possibility to discuss border-crossing, however additional fees may be required to minimize the risk of our bikes when leaving Kenya.
Booking and Cancellation
– To reserve a bike and guarantee its availability you need to pay the full prices of the rental duration in advance
– We reimburse 100% of your prepayment if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the rental pick-up date, and 75% within a two-week period of your pick-up date.
(excluding expenses we incurred in preparation of your booking)
– Cancellations which are carried out after rental start will not be reimbursed
How to book
1. Select the dates for which you need the bike (minimum two days)
2. For long rentals please enter your dates in the manual input section right below the calendar.
3. Fill in your contact details
4. Select your payment method
5. Enjoy your motorbike!


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